Sunday, October 5, 2008


What is the big deal about Sarah Palin? Why is she so evil?

I do not agree with a lot of her stances on things but she is not intolerant or evil. Not from anything I've heard or seen.

And what is intolerant or so evil about keeping her Down Syndrome child? I work with these patients and yes, most do terminate. But how is keeping, caring and loving your Tri 21 kid evil? Heroic is more how I'd call it.

Isn't she the ultimate feminist? She has family, kids, career and deals with crap at home and work but it doesn't throw her. Since when did abortion and liberalism equal feminism? I believe in both of those, but I don't believe it is exclusionary of feminism. Unless of course, we are wanting feminism to just die a natural death here.

Wake up. She's ok. She may not be you or me, but she sure has gone after and achieved what most of us have not (by choice or life circumstances). Dude, she hunts and cooks caribou too. I can only cook it. (Hunting is not my thing)

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Jessie said...

I am enchanted by her but at the same time I dont think she's right to be the potential president. That's how I feel.

I dont think it's that she kept her downs syndrome baby, it's that if a 13 year old girl was raped by her father she would want to see that 13 year old give birth to that baby, and many people dont think that it's her decision to make. It's not about aborting genetically messed up babies, it's about not aborting ones that will have mothers who will be forced into giving birth to them, and then we end up with babies in the dumpsters. I know this is probably too graphic, I'm sorry, it's just another way to look at it.

No, I dont think she's evil, I just dont know that she's right. She's actually a neat lady.