Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't ruin my dinner!

Last night we went out for sushi at our usual, favorite local spot. Happily at the sushi bar, sipping sake and waiting for Tony to make a #18, I smell the front door open. Yes, I SMELL it!

An elderly couple walks in ...well, her gross perfume walked in way ahead of them. And sits....yes, next to me-- the last open spot at the bar. I spent the rest of my meal with my hand over my nose between bites and there were no tables open for us to switch to. The experience was severly limited, needless to say.

My GOD! I've had this happen in other restaurants too. DO NOT PUT ON HEAVY SCENTS WHEN GOING OUT TO EAT! It ruins it for everyone with a sense of smell ( I know older people lose that so just stop putting it on because you are putting too much on all the time).

Then we go out to the symphony and the symphony crowd is also a lot of elderly people and therefore, gross over-perfumed smells.


I couldn't wait to enter the night clean air despite the lovely Parisian pianist playing spectacular Saint-Saens.

Enough with banning cigarettes. I'd prefer a ban on cologne, perfume and aftershave and the like. LET ME BREATHE AND EAT CLEANLY!!!

/end rant

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Jessie said...

That crap gives me such a headache.