Saturday, November 22, 2008

Under the hazy Tuscan sun

There are times in life when you are doing something and later you say: wow, that was amazing--what an experience.

Then there are the times in life when you are doing something and say right then: wow, this is amazing--what an experience.

Tuscany was the latter.

It was so wonderful run into Nancy and Stuart last night. Of course, the first thing we did was reminsce about Tuscany and what I think was probably the best part: the night of La Chiusa.

Dania was a wonderful chef and a lovely woman and owned a Michelin star. And she was hostess enough that, when John called me out as a foodie and a fan, she led us all to the humble kitchen that created such wonder.

And isn't this irony: we travelled Italy with cameras adherent to our necks but that night, we thougth it was "just a dinner" and didn't bring one. And it turned out to be the essence of Tuscany and one of our most treasured memories.

Nancy emailed me all of her photos from that night. The jpgs are low res but they are plenty to remind me of what a wonderful world it was in Tuscany!

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