Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Bday from scratch

No formal quinceaneras here. Just a family day and nice dinner out. So I will make 2 kinds of cupcakes from scratch...on a very hot SantaAna day here in SoCal. Found the carrot one by googling (forget which site it was) and red velvet ones courtesy of the RecipeGirl of course.
Mise en place? Sorta--I pulled the ingredients out at least.

It's not a birthday without candles.

I could eat this right now, but I won't

Composter gets fed too.

Carrot cupcakes sans icing.

Gifts, cards and cupcakes!

And balloons. Happy Birthday, sweeties!!


Jessie said...

I wanna come over for cupcakes!

RecipeGirl said...

Hope you loved those cupcakes! Red Velvet are my fave!

Keena said...

I love your blog and these were great. I think we liked the Dulce de Leche Apple bars even more!