Thursday, February 26, 2009


I couldn't help myself today. When I went to the nursery there were all these lovely plants, just calling out to me to buy them. They even have some heirloom tomatoes and peppers there. I know it's a little too early with MayGray/JuneGloom coming up but I had to. This is the beauty of living in SoCal. The state may be belly-up, but the weather still is perfect.
Good words of advice I'd gotten in the past that we were laughing about yesterday:
"Never say yes right away. Say I'll get back to you on that"
"I will work for what you pay me."
"You want me to do that for free? Would a lawyer do that for free?"
These are all very funny and very relevant given the day's events yesterday. Now let's see if the change is going to come.

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