Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye, Gourmet!

I heard something on NPR a couple weeks ago that gave me pause. Not that Conde Nast mags were having problems but that they were giving the axe to Gourmet! Gourmet is one of my favorite cooking magazines, just second to Saveur. But Gourmet is different than Saveur and very much unlike it's perky insipid cousin, Bon Appetit.

When I look in my recipe binder or my Epicurious recipe box, Gourmet dominates. Their Mu Shu in moments is my standby for one of those dreaded 30 minute meal nights. I'm planning on making the curried red lentil squash soup tomorrow goes on like that. It is a treasure trove of wonderful meals: quick ones, easy ones, complex ones ---but all wonderful. Years ago, there was an Easter issue and a long article on Eastern European meal traditions which was true to my Slovakian ancestry and scored me a really nice prune ice cream recipe too.

But of course, this would also happen right after I sent in the check to renew my subscription at the low rate for THREE YEARS! worries though, the website says they will honor that time by giving me three more years of ....Bon appetit!

I can only hope that Ruth Reichl, et al, will move onto other wonderful things and I will follow them and maybe if I am really lucky, there will be a coup d'etat at BA and the Gourmet crew will take over. I can dream.......

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